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¡Hola! ¿Que tal?

Hello from Malaga :o)

rain 7 °C

Well, have finished my second day of Spanish lessons and going well so far. The first day was very hard as us new students had to do a test (she didn't even finish marking my mainly blank effort!) and then we joined a class which was already underway and busy conjugating some verbs that I´d never heard of so I was pretty scared! The conversation was better and I started to enjoy myself. Then we were set homework, wtf?????! Today´s lesson was much better so very happy. Had to do a fifteen minute presentation on Jersey for the class (we are only four) and it´s not as hard as it sounds because you can waste a lot of time saying um and drawing maps on the whiteboard!!

Malaga Plus

Malaga Plus

So, Malaga. It is lovely, really lovely. I feel quite at home here though there is no sensible reason for that, I've never even been to Spain before. None the less, I am enjoying myself a lot walking around the city centre which is nothing like any of the other cities that I have visited. The streets are really wide and there are not many people there and the whole place feels very chilled. I can only imagine how it must feel on a sunny day. The streets are clean and extremely tidy. Everything seems to be there by design and I like the organised sense of the place. But this is not a city full of obsessive compulsives, it is very relaxed with human statues and accordian players in the streets and today a chap was playing his clarinet. I haven´t seen anybody rushing around and there are a lot of folk sitting about in cafes in the afternoon.

And the food is great too. So far I have enjoyed a seafood paella which was quite nice given that I don´t like paella. Last night I had a lucky escape when a load of us from the school went out for sushi but the restaurant was closed (phew) so we had some fabulous tapas which I really love. Had some different tapas for lunch today, jolly nice. I am going to try to have a different tapas every day for the three weeks that I am here. Got to have a purpose eh? Tonight Jenny (fellow student) and I are going to make some kind of tapas-antipasti dinner. We went to the supermarket and my god, I cannot believe the prices. I should have bought more!!

The weather here has been variable so far, some sunshine and plenty of rain. I just looked at the ten day forcast and expect rain tomorrow and Thursday morning followed by sunshine and temperatures of about 17 to 18 until Thursday of next week so I am delighted.

Apart from that, had a stroll about, saw the beach which is only a couple of minutes from our flat. Visited a cathedral which was just as ugly as all the others that I've seen in the past and a waste of 4 euros. Signed up for a cooking lesson making more paella and have also put my name down for some salsa and flamenco dance lessons. Plan to head up into the mountains one afternoon and will perhaps go on an orientation tour.

So all in all I am very happy. It doesn't feel like traveling, more like a holiday so far but it´s early days yet. I don´t have any photos to post I´m afraid apart from pics of the cathedral that Ko-eun took but I won´t bother you with those. Will get my act together in the next week, promise.

Well, you all take care and have a good week.
Love Sarnia

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