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Saturday evening in Malaga

sunny 27 °C

Bonjour all, hope all is in order with everyone.

Life here is still muy beuno and I am still having these wonderful moments when I suddenly realise that I am wonderfully happy. It has a lot to do with the students here. A quick summary: Jenny from Germany, smart, sensible, kind, organiser and very funny, will go far! Ko-uen from S Korea, extremely kind, wants to work for UNICEF, really cares about people a whole lot, good cook, lots of fun, already she is making the world a better place. Ye-ung from S Korea, has a great sense of humour, calm and easy to be around plus he is more than happy to do his share of the housework! Sara, S Korea too, very pretty, sweet and happy, always smiling, fab cook and rather handy with the Spanish, very likable. The rest are Christophe, Ali, Melis and a few others that I don't know too well.

Well, it's le weekend and I have had a lovely day, slept in this morning because a load of us were out clubbing last night and didn't get to bed till just before 6. But luckily no hangover, just a bit tired as we were out Friday night until gone two and then I woke up at stupid o'clock Friday morning and could not get back to sleep. So today I had a jolly nice day lolling around in the sun with a book, a few mates and a couple of glasses of white wine. My friend Jenny made us all a whopping great breakfast too which was really good of her. Sadly she has gone back to Frankfurt now and Ko-uen and I are missing her and I imagine that the others are too. It was a gorgeous day too, e had 25 c yesterday and today felt even warmer so unless all of the temperature displays in Malaga are wrong, we must of been in the high twenties today and plenty of sunshine to enjoy. I am actually getting quite brown now which pleases me and reduces the glare a bit. Tonight, Ye-ung, Chistopher and Ali are off trying to find us some dvd's to watch so I am taking advantage of the Wi-Fi right now.

Yesterday was luxury day, Jenny and I had a manicure (my first ever) and a pedicure and so for the first time in my life my hands and feet are tidy!

Tomorrow, I don't have any real plans apart from studying. The last two days at school were really hard so I need to revise the grammar a touch so I can have it straight in my head. It's so much easier to write Spanish because you have a lot more time to think. Ah, actually I a going to Ko-uen's house with Sara for some Korean food which is great because I've tried a lot of their food and it really is great and very healthy too. I was going to reciprocate by doing a roast dinner but then realised that we don't have an oven so not an option. Instead I'm going to make them some soups to try.

Right, I think that's about all for now.
Everyone take care xx

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